Handy Information

Food and Drink

Your child will need to come to the centre with enough food for the entire day. This includes a variety of healthy choices that follows the Canadian Food Guide for two snack times and a lunch, as well as a clean water and/or milk bottle. Please refrain from packing candy, gum, chocolate bars, juice boxes or sugary drinks.
Snacks and lunch will be available at specific times in order for proper supervision to take place, these times are flexible as each day and child is different. 
We do have a fully functional kitchen! A fridge is available to store lunch kits, a microwave for quickly heating lunches and a stove and oven for special cooking or baking activities and to safely heat up bottles. You will be notified if your child was given any food or drinks that are different than originally packed for the day.

Just Peachy is trying to be environmentally mindful. We would appreciate it if lunches were packed as waste free and plastic free as possible. Thank you!

Allergies and food sensitivities will be addressed on a case by case basis and in severe cases all families within the centre will be notified in order to avoid exposure.

We enjoy celebrating diversity and special events. We encourage parents to send a special treat for their child’s birthday or for other cultural events that are important to their family.

Items from Home

Please label EVERYTHING from home including: meal containers, lunch kits, clothing, footwear, bedding, etc.

Please do not bring toys from home. This is to ensure that items are not lost, broken, or a cause for quarrels during the day. A stuffy or cuddly can be kept in your child’s cubby for nap time and brought out for hugs during the day, if needed. Please let us know if your child is attached to a certain object and how we can best meet his/her needs for comfort.

The following are items that need to be kept at the centre in your child’s cubby:

• Rubber soled inside shoes/slippers
• Diapers/wipes (if needed)
• Crib sheet and small blanket and stuffy, if desired (Bedding will be washed on location once a week or when needed.)
• A change of clothing appropriate to the season
• Outdoor coat appropriate to the season
• Sun hats and sunscreen in warm weather
• Warm hats/mittens in cold weather
• Rain/winter boots
• ‘Muddy buddies’ (rain/snow pants)
• Bike helmet
• Family photo
• Wet bag for soiled clothes

Hours Of Operation

Just Peachy Child Care is open Monday to Friday

Knute Way Location: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Mount Newton Location: 7:30am – 5:00pm

We are closed all Statutory Holidays and three weeks of paid vacation, exact dates will be determined by the beginning of each calendar year. Plus, up to 3 professional development days per year; notice will be given as soon as possible but no less than 15 days. There will be no reduction in fees for these closures.