Guidance & Discipline Policy

At Just Peachy Child Care, our goals for guidance and discipline is to support children with the development of respect, self-control, self-confidence and empathy while interacting with peers and staff. We believe that each child is a unique individual, and that their behaviour reflects their level of development, personality and temperament, experiences within their family and cultural influences.

Some techniques that we use to guide children’s behaviour include:

• Arranging our environment to prevent challenging behaviour. This includes; having enough materials for all the children, providing a balance of individual and small group activities, offering a varied routine with opportunities for calm and loud play.
• Establishing clear, consistent, & simple limits
• Offering straightforward explanations for limits and stating them in a positive manner
• Using a calm voice or singing to model appropriate behaviour
• Stating what is expected rather than posing questions
• Allowing time for children to respond to expectations
• Reinforcing appropriate behaviour with both words and gestures
• Ignoring minor incidents or attention seeking behaviour
• Encouraging children to use educators as a resource
• Gaining a child’s attention in a respectful way
• Using proximity and touch
• Redirecting or diverting when appropriate
• Modelling problem-solving skills
• Offering appropriate choices
• Using natural and logical consequences
• Limiting the use of equipment/toys/supplies
• Providing opportunities for children to make amends
• Providing time away (within the play space, but away from the activity area, with the intent to provide children the opportunity to develop self direction and to become aware of when they are becoming anxious or agitated)
• Focusing on the behaviour, rather than on the child